Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

We are on our second session of swim lessons with Elijah. If you remember me posting last month, I was having a VERY difficult time with Elijah's independent ways. He was determined to do what he wanted to do. Nobody tell me what to do! Typical 2 year old, I suppose. Now, on round 2... I must say, he is doing fantastic. His love for swimming has returned! He cries when it is time to leave! (But our session is over, honey!! -- Waaa!)

The last 2 sessions, Elijah has been getting closer, and closer, and closer to swimming completely on his own. He practically runs into the pool, steps into the water on hi sown "crawls" the edge of the wall himself, and even holds the ledge with one hand and looks at me with this inquisitive look of "Should I do it? Should I let go?" Last session he jumped to me, I was barely even looking at him! Today, he started using the step to try and practice swimming by himself. Once he discovered what he was doing, he turns to me with a HUGE grin and continues this practice swim on the steps. It's as if he took the plunge, took that leap of faith and realized, "Hey! I can do this on my own!"

Despite this boy's crazy stubborn ways, I love his determination! He sits back and watches, watches, watches, then just goes "gung-ho" and does what he sets his mind to!

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