Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Battle of Sleep.

This whole week Elijah has put up a Battle of Sleep.  Nap time, bed time, it's cry cry cry.  You'd think we are torturing the boy with a nap and bed time.  Except last night.  He had his tumbling class yesterday, so by bedtime he was KNOCKD OUT.  That was my online night of no battle this week.

Some may think we are crazy, but long story short, Elijah usually sleeps in our bed (pretty consistently) since November.  It isn't a big deal... makes my life easier.  AJ is in the portacrib next to my bed, Eli is usually at the foot of our bed or in the middle.  Well, recently he started being WAY too noisy for AJ at bed time.  What worked to cure that?  Putting him back into his own bed.  This week on the other hand... who knows what has gotten into Elijah, but he just puts up a HUGE battle every time I've put him down!  I warn him, I discipline, and then he just cries.  Wait, you are almost 2 years old kid... I thought we were PAST the "cry it out" stage?!  He KNOWS it is bed time, we have a nice routine... what happened?!

As we speak, he is in his room screaming his head off.

I think I'm gonna go scream my head off now.  (Lets see how he likes it!)

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