Monday, October 24, 2011

I need to write before my brain turns to mush.

And somebody remind me I need to change my blog banner to working mom, not stay home mom!!!

I passed my English Capstone class, HOORAY! I got a 95% on my paper! I am so incredibly proud of myself that I can't even find the words to express my excitement. Hey, that really says something when the English major can't find the words! It is surreal that there is only one class left. My girlfriend/BFF I've made in this program just finished her last class this month, and now it only makes me more excited for December to scream out: I'm done! We're already planning our celebration in San Diego. I think confetti and champagne is in order for December.

October has been a bit crazy. You'd think it would have settled down because I don't have my class to worry about, right? No! Sprint now carries the iPhone, so we ended up swamped at work in preparation for the iPhone. The good thing is I'll have a bit of overtime on my next pay check. Of course, Apple didn't make enough of the new iPhone 4S, so nobody has it anymore and we're all anxiously awaiting more to come in.

There was a point this month though that I swore I'd never eat an apple again.... (hardy har har!)

You know, the funny thing about working in retail... while I'm reading on Facebook everyone boo-hoo-ing over it being a Monday, today is my Friday so I'm rejoicing! Tuesday & Wednesday are my days off, yippee! I have grand plans you know, it consists of coffee, Dr. Pepper, and book 3 of The Hunger Games. I can't friggen wait!

By the way, where is fall? I mean REALLY, it is still in the 80s here. I shouldn't complain much because I know in a month it'll drop to freezing... but come on! It's almost Halloween and it is still HOT?! Oh well, I'm still excited for Halloween coming up. Look how cute my little knights are!

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Michael Ann said...

Cute photos! It's still in the 80's here too. I'm in Northern Calif. But there is a feeling of fall in the air nonetheless. Something about it. I used to work retail and had Tues. and Wed. off too. It was very nice actually.

Nice to meet you. Found you through the Monday Mingle.