Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Myles

Happy 3rd Birthday Myles.

Today Myles celebrates his first birthday in Heaven. I bet they are having a grand party there for him. Who wouldn't want to party up with Jesus and all the angels and saints? :)

We love you Myles. Thinking of you today Michele.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 CENTS Rite Aid spectacular :)

Okay, and the BEST deal by far at Rite Aid:

I paid only .03 cents for these items at Rite Aid!
Coppertone: $8.99 - $2 in-ad coupon - $2 Rite Aid adperk coupon - $2 off manufacturer coupon, which would have made it $1.99 (still an AWESOME deal for Coppertone!)
Veet Hair Removal: $6.49 - $3 manufacturer coupon - $3 ad perk coupon made it .49 cents
Clearasil: $5.29 - $2 off manufacturer coupon - $3 off ad perk coupon - .29 cents
Red Vines: (yeah, Elijah just had a sweet tooth... lol) .88 cents
BUT WAIT! my subtotal was $21.65, so I used my $5 off $20 ad perk coupon -- and I handed this to her BEFORE handing her all my other coupons, bringing my subtotal down to $16.65, then I gave her my coupons which totaled $18... bringing me to -$1.35, so add in tax (don't ask me how tax works, I get so confused with all that, but the receipt says tax was $1.38)... made me pay .03 cents!
Check out my receipt:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Even more awesome deals

Here's Sunday's shopping adventure at Target:

And a breakdown:
All four of the baby wipes (Pampers, my favorite!!!) were on clearance for $1.74. Remember that $8 monkey maker I made on the Gillette body wash last week? I used that to buy the four boxes of Pampers! -- so basically it was FREE!
Ban d.o. was on sale for $1.99, plus $1 ecb's, plus I had a .75 manufacturer coupon = .25 cents!
U by Kotex -- FREE! (Walgreens sale for $3.49 - $2.50 in register rewards, -$1 off coupon)
Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes: .99 cents! (Target -- $2.99 - $1 manufacturer coupon - $1 Target coupon)
Aveeno Baby Wash -- Now, if any of you have kids with sensitive skin, you know how much more pricey Aveeno Baby is versus generic or Johnson & Johnson... but all the other stuff gives my boys terrible rashes, so Aveeno it is! Aveeno is on sale this week at Target for $4, plus I had $1 off manufacturer coupon for being signed up on Aveeno's email list... so $3 for Aveeno baby!
Secret Clinical -- Again, another "fancier" item... but I like how dry it keeps me, especially when I know it'll soon be hitting 100+ degrees here!! So it's usually $7.29, but I had $1 off Target coupon (it was about to expire), plus $1 off manufacturer coupon, which made it $5.29... PLUS, inside the box was $15 worth of coupons!! All coupons I'd use too! I feel like I already made my money back!

Here's yesterday's trip from Walgreens:
Again, more free pads. Same sale, I just found more coupons to print off from the U by Kotex website!
The best part... MOOOORE free Always Pads!! The register printed me off extra coupons for a FREE package of Always (up to 18 ct). Gotta love FREE!

Reach toothbrush -- FREE! (Sale for .99cents, then used $1 off coupon)

Neutrogena -- $2.89 each, but Walgreens has a promo, if you buy 3 Neutrogena items, you get $10 in Register Rewards back! So it was $8.67 before tax for the bars, but I got $10 in Register Rewards! I paid for that first, then continued shopping for the rest of the items...

As for the Revlon hair dryer, my other one pooped out on me, so I've been on the look out for a new one. Well this one was on sale for $12.99 at Walgreens this week! Therefore, I used my $10 register rewards towards that, plus my $2.50 register rewards I'd gotten from buying all the pads, and I needed one more "filler" item to make all the coupons work with their Register Rewards, so I let Elijah get some clearance paints... .69 cents!! I paid only about a dollar plus tax out of pocket.

Target deals yesterday:

Sobe Life Water: Sale for $1 each, buy 10 get $5 gift card... I used (4) Buy one Get one Free coupons, plus (4) .50 cent off Target coupons... which brought my total down to $4 plus I got a $5 gift card! Profit of $1 :)
Finish Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Dispenser: Temporary price cut for $5, plus I had a $3 off coupon... made it $2!
Extend-a-Clean Scrubbing Bubbles: .69 Cents! Usually $8.69 I had a $5 off manufacturer coupon, plus a $3 off Target coupon, which brought my total down to .69 cents! I also have a $5 Gift Card coupon when you purchase this product, so I'm going back today and getting more for a money maker!
Olay -- I bought 2 Olay items and received a $5 gift card (they had the promo with other items, I just needed some Olay!) Plus coupons! Got the moisturizer for $6-something, Facewash for $2-something, plus I got a $5 gift card back, which made each item very inexpensive!
Clearance Dove -- $1.74 for each massive Dove body wash... plus it has a free sample in each!, Dove deodorant was on clearance for $2.50 for a 2 pack, plus $1 off Target coupon, plus $1 off manufacturer coupon -- made each deodorant .25 cents each!
I also got 2 packages of Bounty paper towels for my parents, and got a $5 gift card back for that too!

I ended up leaving with $15 worth of gift cards!

Just wait till my next post about my AWESOME deal at Rite Aid... it was so cool, it deserves it's own special post. :)