Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 CENTS Rite Aid spectacular :)

Okay, and the BEST deal by far at Rite Aid:

I paid only .03 cents for these items at Rite Aid!
Coppertone: $8.99 - $2 in-ad coupon - $2 Rite Aid adperk coupon - $2 off manufacturer coupon, which would have made it $1.99 (still an AWESOME deal for Coppertone!)
Veet Hair Removal: $6.49 - $3 manufacturer coupon - $3 ad perk coupon made it .49 cents
Clearasil: $5.29 - $2 off manufacturer coupon - $3 off ad perk coupon - .29 cents
Red Vines: (yeah, Elijah just had a sweet tooth... lol) .88 cents
BUT WAIT! my subtotal was $21.65, so I used my $5 off $20 ad perk coupon -- and I handed this to her BEFORE handing her all my other coupons, bringing my subtotal down to $16.65, then I gave her my coupons which totaled $18... bringing me to -$1.35, so add in tax (don't ask me how tax works, I get so confused with all that, but the receipt says tax was $1.38)... made me pay .03 cents!
Check out my receipt:

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