Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Recipes by Design" - Recipe Exchange

Come join me for an afternoon lunch to exchange recipes with the Recipe by Design box found in the Spring Occasions Mini! You can also find it in my online store. The box is only $24.95 and is full of 64 recipe cards, 8 divider cards, one cooking tips and measurements card, and 11 sheets of self-adhesive die-cut embellishments; all stored in a functional magnetic storage box!

Bring your favorite recipes to share with others, and receive new recipes from everyone participating to start filling your box with delicious recipes! Lunch will be served at my home (using a recipe to exchange, of course!).

You can order the box through my online store, or place the order direclty through me for $25 (that means I'll cover the shipping and handling!). Take advantage of this one time offer from me!

Don't forget Sale-A-Bration is going on until March 31st! That means if you order any products for $50, you get a FREE Sale-A-Bration item! You can order two recipe boxes - one for you, and one for a friend or family member, add some adorable ribbon to your order to decorate the box, and you'll receive a FREE SALE-A-BRATION item!

To allow time to order the "Recipes by Design" kit for all who participate, please RSVP by Wednesday, April 7th.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had a wonderful time this weekend at the High Desert Home Show! I met some great scrapbookers, stampers, and overall very friendly people! Thanks to everyone who came!!

Here's some pictures Patrick took of me at my booth, and a few pictures of the demos I showed.

"Pun Fun"

"Sale-a-bration" example

My Digital Studio card demo

My Digital Studio scrapbook page demo

From St. Patrick's Day!

Go Green! ;)

March 2010

Just a few photos to share!

Fun at the park --

Isn't AJ cute?

Everybody swing!

AJ & I on our way to Loma Linda Children's for some of his medical procedures

Typical toddler, he had to examine how the rolling bed worked

Lots of toys to check out!

You gotta admit he was adorable in the baby sized hospital gown

I told him this was his boxing glove... he could use it to beat up his big brother. ;)

Going for a little walk on St. Patrick's Day; this is actually our next door neighbor's yard!

AJ walking up our dirt road

Elijah and our small dog Lil' Boy (aka Wilbur -- yes he has two names!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where is the JUSTICE?

A 9 month old baby was killed by his father, and then the father killed himself. The mother filed for a restraining order against the father of the baby. Judge Robert Lemkau denied Katie Tagle (mother of the baby) the restraining order - after she told the judge that the father was threatening to kill her son - and this judge called Katie a liar. 10 days after Judge Lemkau denied the restraining order, the baby's father took him for a custody visit, shot and killed 9 month old baby Wyatt, and turned the gun on himself.

So, yesterday (as you can see in the article above), Judge Robert Lemkau issues a two-minute apology.

Katie Tagle will never see her baby boy again. Judge Lemkau put this child in harms way because he denied the restraining order. He claims he "couldn't foresee this happening." I understand we don't have crystal balls to see the future, but why did he ever deny the restraining order in the first place? If a mother approaches a judge concerned her baby is going to be murdered, shouldn't that be taken seriously? Well, no; instead she is called a liar. Would a mother really lie about threats of her infant son going to be murdered?

I think this judge needs to be held accountable for his actions. As a former preschool teacher, if I put a child at risk, you know very well I would have serious consequences for putting that child in harms way. I would have been fired. As a mother, if I purposely put my children in harms way, there will be major consequences; my children could be taken away, CPS visits, jail time, the list is huge.

This Judge Lemkau put little Wyatt in harms way. Now why should he continue to be a judge? He made a bad ruling, and he should face some sort of repercussions for that. Why does this man get to hold people's fates in his hands anymore, when he has obviously proved he can't handle making good decisions of people's lives? Shouldn't he be demoted? Shouldn't he be fired? Instead, he gets off the hook with a 2 minute apology to the mother, and he's done.

Where is the justice in THAT?