Monday, June 29, 2009

Specialists for everyone!

Elijah and AJ both went in for check ups on Friday. Our big concern over Elijah's 2 year check up was his ears. I don't know if you remember me posting, but if he continued to have problems he was going to refer him to an ENT.

Elijah still has A LOT of fluid behind his ear, especially the left one. They did a tympanogram to check the fluids behind his ear. His right ear had a slight "mountain" (mountain = good), but his left ear was COMPLETELY FLAT. I mean, there was no peak AT ALL... so he has a TON of fluid behind there. Discussing this, then also came up his speech. I said first, he didn't talk at all. He understands everything we tell him, but wouldn't talk. Over the past month or so, he has started "talking," but it is complete gibberish. We can catch words here and there, but overall we can't understand anything. (even basic words, like "ball," he says "gall") He's concerned he has had so many ear infections over the last year it's affecting his speech.... so he's referring him to have a speech evaluation coupled with the ENT referral. I know it isn't really that big of a deal, but I'm still kinda sad my poor lil' guys' ears have come to the point of ENTs and speech evals!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elijah... "THAT kid."

We started swim lessons yesterday. Of course Elijah went every day last summer and loved his time there! I remember last summer, the first week- week & half started off a little iffy, but after that he LOVED swimming.

Well this summer we must be going through the same thing again. All I can think of, is Elijah is "that kid." You know who I'm talking about... the ONE kid who screams and cries and won't sit still, runs amok, whenever you go to a parent-child group function. The kid you sometimes look at, and wonder, "Is he spoiled rotten at home? Or is he just incredibly stubborn." The one you leave looking at that crazy kid and Mom thinking, "Poor Mom."

Talk about embarrassing! Here I thought Elijah would have no problems! I forgot, he's TWO now. I think there is a biological ticker in toddlers that goes off the day they turn 2. It tells them Don't listen to Mom and do everything for yourself!

Yesterday (first day), he was SO excited. We park, we walk by the gates to the pool. He spots the pool and is pointing and speaking Elijahlanguage in excitement. I had to convince him to wait the 5 minutes before our class started. We get in, the pool water is perfect, he's content for a couple minutes. Then he spots IT. Don't ask me what IT is, I really have no idea. I theorize IT is the grass, and he fixated on IT, spoke his Elijahlanguage telling me he's wanting IT. When I couldn't understand what he was saying, and he wasn't getting his way of getting out of the pool to get IT -- end of the world. He cried, and cried, and cried. He screamed, he kicked, he cried some more. The swim teacher tried to give him a toy, and he just hit her hand away. She looked taken back, and I felt terrible. I wanted to give the comfort of, "I'm sorry, he's really usually a sweet boy, he never hits and is usually an angel." But no, I couldn't lie, he's just like that at home when he doesn't get his way!

Today, it was SLIGHTLY better. But, he still has the mind of a 2 year old. His fit throwing today was just because he's not used to being designated to ONE location to stay and listen. He got int he pool, no problem. He found a toy that amused him for a couple minutes. Jumping in the pool was a blast for the first 5 minutes. Then TODDLER BRAIN kicks in. He wants out, he wants to run to the bleachers, he wants to jump back in the pool, he wants to play with the toy the other girl has, he wants to run through the grass, then he wants to swim, then he wants to sit at the bleachers. (He can't tell me any of this, I've just figured out how his brain works enough that when he's pointing at all these things, I know what he is getting at!) When I tell him we are staying in the pool, he'd kick, he'd cry, he'd scream. At least not as much today. Swim teacher tried to offer him a toy and talk to him again, and he'd usually just smack her hand away. She just said, "Wow he's just a tempermental one isn't he?" (Can I go hide my head in shame now??) Instead I just tried to laugh and say "He's always been a stubborn kid, and he's TWO. Bad combination." She laughed a bit and said, "I just hope he doesn't do this every day for you." Oh, and later he threw a toy at another kid. For once, I think it was a mistake. It seems like he was just throwing a toy into the pool but this other kid happened to get in the way. Nevertheless, he shouldn't have been throwing the toy anyways.

It stinks having the ONLY kid who acts rotten in the class. I know from working in the preschool, the only way he'll ever learn and improve is through continued attendance... now if only all the other parents and swim teacher who gives me THAT LOOK would understand that too. :/

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Elijah is all signed up for swim lessons starting June 22 through July 3rd.  HOORAY!  He still LOVES when he sees a pool, he gets all excited.  Too cute :)  I want to try to sign him up for more lessons in July, but we'll have to see how the schedule works out.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New concrete

We have some new concrete here now!  Whoohoo!  It looks fantastic.  Of course Elijah was just FASCINATED with all the tools and trucks!  So much that I could barely get a picture of him.  But I did get some cute pics of AJ playing in the dirt for the first time... he loved it!  Such a boy!

Cruisin' baby!

Elijah smiles for the camera now...

And sometimes it is extra cheesy...

An "A" for AJ!

scootin and army crawling

Come ooooon AJ you are SO close to really crawling!!  Here's some pics of him "army crawling" across the floor.

Some May photos

Just a few new pics of the boys... I'll post some new pics from June in a min!

So Elijah found his birthday gift a month early... oh well!  At least he enjoys the firetruck :)

Elijah wanted to eat on the front porch one day.  I got this adorable pic... then  he was peeved that AJ was sitting at the table with him.  such a toddler... lol

Thanks, Elijah!

Mmm, delicious strawberry cake for Adam James!

Eli wants to do pull ups too

Eli can also catch a ball now, and he is SO proud of himself!

Happy 9 months Adam!!!!
(May 27)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OOOOK.... so I KINDA cheated for my last day.  I made 2 pages on one day the week before so I could use it as my final page since I knew my weekend would be busy!  I would like to do a page about all the projects I made for May though... I think that'd be pretty fun! :)  I have to get all these photos printed off though!

May 30th

Was a workshop day with Maya & Katie!!  So no pages for me this day... but we had a blast! :)

May 29th

It's still title-less... I'll think of something :)

May 28th

From Happy Scrappin'

May 27th

From Happy Scrappin'

May 26th

From Happy Scrappin'

May 24-25...

Memorial Day weekend, I took a break and enjoyed my Sun & Mon!

May 23rd

You can't tell what this really is at all... but 'eh, I'll post it and show off the lovely paper. LOL!  It is a box , and sectioned off inside when you open it up.  I'll get more photos later. Children were calling my name when I was taking these photos!

May 22nd

Eli's 2nd b-day invites!
From Happy Scrappin'

May 21st

Page 2 for my mom's bday gift... a page of each of the boys now!

May 20th -- Eli's Six Months page (it only took a year and a half to complete)

From Happy Scrappin'

May 18th and 19th -- LMS brag book

This was a 2 day project for the after school club... it was 2 days because I had to cut enough paper to create about 100 6x6 sheets!. so i counted it as a day!

May 17th - Elijah Anthony

Page 1 for my mom's b-day

May 16th - a birthday card

Birthday card for my mom!

May 15, Oh The Places You'll Go!

From Happy Scrappin'

Massive Photo Update, one layout at a time!

From May 14th:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Coming Soon.... a huge blog update!!

I have a TON of pages to post on here! Sorry to all my followers that I fell off the daily postathon!

That cold really knocked me out of it for a few days, but I did rebound and went straight back to more scrapbook pages :) Then wouldn't you know it... my laptop DIES! AHHH!! It felt like the end of the world for about a week. I dropped the laptop about 2 years ago, back when I was pregnant with Elijah. It fell off my lap and cracked the side where the battery plugs in. Well that little metal piece finally broke where it was completely unfixable. Lucky for me, my Dad loves me and we found one on sale at Best Buy for $400. It's very nice! Hooray for a new laptop!

Other than that, things are going well here! As I mentioned, I have a bunch of new pages to post, a few cards, etc, etc. Elijah was sick for a little bit about a week ago (or was it 2 weeks ago...?), anyways, he had a fever and all! I was worried he had ANOTHER ear infection, but thank goodness he didn't! Just some fluid, no infection. BUT, if he does get another ear infection, he needs a referall to a specialist because he has had so many. Here's to hoping no more ear infections!

Now I'm just preparing for his BIRTHDAY PARTY! Can you believe he will be 2 YEARS OLD on June 18! That's THIS MONTH!! I was looking at old photos tonight and just thought, "Wait, didn't I JUST have you?!" They DO grow so fast.

OK, so that is all for now! I have the pages uploaded to my computer... nowI just need to crop and post. :) Check back in a few days!