Monday, June 1, 2009

Coming Soon.... a huge blog update!!

I have a TON of pages to post on here! Sorry to all my followers that I fell off the daily postathon!

That cold really knocked me out of it for a few days, but I did rebound and went straight back to more scrapbook pages :) Then wouldn't you know it... my laptop DIES! AHHH!! It felt like the end of the world for about a week. I dropped the laptop about 2 years ago, back when I was pregnant with Elijah. It fell off my lap and cracked the side where the battery plugs in. Well that little metal piece finally broke where it was completely unfixable. Lucky for me, my Dad loves me and we found one on sale at Best Buy for $400. It's very nice! Hooray for a new laptop!

Other than that, things are going well here! As I mentioned, I have a bunch of new pages to post, a few cards, etc, etc. Elijah was sick for a little bit about a week ago (or was it 2 weeks ago...?), anyways, he had a fever and all! I was worried he had ANOTHER ear infection, but thank goodness he didn't! Just some fluid, no infection. BUT, if he does get another ear infection, he needs a referall to a specialist because he has had so many. Here's to hoping no more ear infections!

Now I'm just preparing for his BIRTHDAY PARTY! Can you believe he will be 2 YEARS OLD on June 18! That's THIS MONTH!! I was looking at old photos tonight and just thought, "Wait, didn't I JUST have you?!" They DO grow so fast.

OK, so that is all for now! I have the pages uploaded to my computer... nowI just need to crop and post. :) Check back in a few days!

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