Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miska, Mouska, MICKEY MOUSE!

Move over Backyardigans, Elijah Anthony is growing up and liking other shows! (Don't get me wrong, he still really enjoys The Backyardigans!!) He's taken a liking to shows like Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. A couple months ago we watched these shows, and there was no interest. A few weeks ago we watched these shows again, and now he is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins.

Every time we are at the store and pass by Mickey Mouse, he has to show me! (Yes darling, Mickey Mouse is everywhere!) THEN one day while I was finishing a diaper change, he spotted the little netted shelves that hold his stuffed animals. Wouldn't you know it, he spotted his Mickey Mouse in there. This stuffed Mickey Mouse was a Christmas gift from Fr. Anthony when Elijah Anthony was 6 months old. Before now, he would go in spurts of playing with it, but overall he only had little interest in stuffed animals.

NOW, Mickey Mouse is starting to go everywhere (with his blankey of course). Mickey Mouse was dancing with him day before yesterday, then jumping on the bed, then Mickey Mouse watched Little Einsteins with him two evenings ago, yesterday Mickey Mouse came to Target with us, and he has gone to sleep on Elijah's pillow the last two nights!

It's so cute to see Elijah suddenly role playing and using his imagination with a stuffed animal (let alone his cute little Mickey Mouse!) Who knew this little Mickey that he's had for a year and a half would suddenly become such a fun toy!

Here is Elijah Anthony & Mickey Mouse watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the couch this morning!


Momma E said...

We love Mickey Mouse too!!! I secretly love the hot dog dance. :p

Oh and he goes "bum bum bump" when he wants me to "sing" the opening part - you know that one little tune before they start singing? Yea, I do that all day now. LOL

Marlana said...

Hah! Toooo cute!!

I do the hot dog dance for Elijah now... and he thinks it is so silly! In turn, he is waving his arms back and forth in hot dog dance silliness! :D